Pack Calendar

Pack 257 Event Calendar

September 2016:

9/1/16                6:30pm                Roundtables (Leaders and Committee)

9/6/16                6:30pm                Committee Meeting (Parents welcome)

9/18/16              6:30pm                Pack Meeting

9/24/16              TBD                     Pack Bon Fire at Fern Hollow in Sewickley

9/30-10/2/16      5:00pm                Pack Camping at Camp Twin Echo

October 2016:

10/6/16               6:30pm               Roundtables (Leaders and Committee)

10/11/16             6:30pm               Committee Meeting (Parents welcome)

10/23/16             6:30pm               Pack Meeting – Halloween Party

November 2016:

11/3/16                6:30pm             Roundtables (Leaders and Committee)

11/8/16                6:30pm             Committee Meeting (Parents welcome)

11/20/16              6:30pm              Pack Meeting

December 2016:

12/1/16                6:30pm             Roundtables (Leaders and Committee)

12/6/16                6:30pm             Committee Meeting (Parents welcome)

Date TBD            3:00pm             Caroling at Verland

12/18/16              6:30pm             Pack Meeting – Christmas Party

January 2017:

1/5/17                  6:30pm             Roundtables (Leaders and Committee)

1/10/17                6:30pm             Committee Meeting (Parents welcome)

1/14/17                8:00am             Monster Garage (Parents needed to assist scouts and kitchen help)

1/22/17                6:30pm             Pack Meeting

1/27/17                6:30pm             Pinewood Derby Set-up (Parents needed)

1/28/17                9:00am             Pinewood Derby (Parents needed to assist with races/kitchen help)

February 2017:

2/2/17                  6:30pm              Roundtables (Leaders and Committee)

2/5/17                  10:00am            Scout Sunday at Greenstone Methodist Church

2/7/17                   6:30pm             Committee Meeting (Parents welcome)

2/10-11/17            6:00pm             Overnighter at Christ Church at Grove Farm

2/19/17                 6:30pm             Pack Meeting

March 2017:

3/2/17                   6:30pm              Roundtables (Leaders and Committee)

3/7/17                   6:30pm              Committee Meeting (Parents welcome)

3/19/17                 6:30pm              Pack Meeting

3/24-26/17            5:00pm              Pack Camping at Camp Guyasuta

April 2017:

4/6/17                    6:30pm              Roundtables (Leaders and Committee)

Date TBD              8:00am              Scouting for Food at Kuhns

4/11/17                  6:30pm               Committee Meeting (Parents welcome)

4/22/17                  4:00pm               Blue & Gold Banquet

May 2017:

5/4/17                    6:30pm                Roundtables (Leaders and Committee)

5/5-7/17                 5:00pm                Webelos/AOL Camping at Camp Seph Mack

5/9/17                    6:30pm                Committee Meeting (Parents welcome)

5/21/17                  6:30pm                Crossover Pack Meeting

5/23/17                  6:30pm                Committee Planning Meeting



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